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  • Protect your creations.
    It is your intellectual heritage

    Qible allows companies and independent groups to easily protect,
    with no time limits or formalities, to date, prove and certify a creation for life.
  • Prove your work on Blockchain.

    Qible helps all creators, industrials, designers and agencies
    to prove each day their creations, models, designs, plans, presentations, contents and programs.

Creation cycle

You create daily or weekly. Dated, you prove your work on the go. With no time limits. Then, disclose or store. Qible proposes customized formulas adapted to your rhythm.

Blockchain Protection

The deposits of your files containing your creations are dated and sealed on a blockchain, tamper-proof. You have permanent access your digital evidence.

Without any commitment

Qible is a service designed for your company and creations. With no commitments needed or renewal. You deposit at your own pace. Long live freedom!

Filing and CNIL fulfilment

Qible files your data in compliance with the laws of technology and freedom (in particular GDPR), without limitation on duration. It's up to you to choose the removal or the transportability of your digital proofs. Whenever you want it.

Our Services


of Working Experience

With 10 years of experience with Cabinet et Agence, the Qible team has created an offer in response to the expectations of all creators.

About Qible

Who are we ?

The Qible team is made up of computer science passionates and experienced lawyers. Forced to face the truth about the lack of a flexible, simple, probative and financially reachable service existed on the market place. We are proud of the long work acomplished so far, to offer all creators a suitable solution to all your needs: creating without any concerns while being protected.

Our Mission

it is hard to keep it simple. We have met this challenge with enthusiasm and passion. Qible is the result that a lot of professionals have been waiting for. We are and will be here for you at every minute.
  • How long does it take to create an account and deposit my creation ?

    Qible is simple to use and allows you to create by filling a few essential fields (to identify the depositor that will one day want to prove his anteriority and his rights on the creations). Once the account is created and the payment is done, the deposit and protection takes on average 30 seconds. From experience, the first deposit takes approximatively 4 minutes. From then onwards, 30 seconds.

  • How much does a deposit to Qible costs?

    Qible rates are transparent. You know in advance, with no additional fee or hidden cost the price of your creation deposit: 25 euros per single deposit and 199 euros for a pack of 12 deposits (a creation per month).

  • Do I need to subscribe to Qible to use the deposit service?

    Absolutely not! There is no need for a subscription formula with Qible, following the principle of "pay as you go". You pay for your creation deposits. And you have 18 months to use your credits. There is no renewal, no subscription fee. Long live freedom!

  • I have a lot of creations to protect, do you have a customized formula?

    Yes, you just need to create your customized pack and once again pay only for your consuption. Call our client services and ask for their help in case of doubt, or simply to enjoy a discount coupon during the Qible Happy Copyright Hours.

Qible is a complete solution of certified electronic proof, doubled by a blockchain registration. We recommend the use of this system, pro and reachable! Cheers to Qible.



Protection Projects

Protect all your creations and projects.

Inside the Fashion World

Protect your textile creations.

Furniture and Accessories

Protect your home design creations.

Source Code Protection

Protect your codes, scripts and web sites.

Software Protection

Protect your Softwares and Programs.

In marketing

protect your designs, creations and strategic plans.

Qible, at the heart of the creation process and confidentiality

The Qible service is distributed at every step of your organisation.

Design, layout, programming, DTP, CAD, sample, test, collection, Beta Test program,Final Versions, Restocking, update production, and marketing. Qible works as a SaaS ( Software As A Service), in automated API mode, manually, via mobile applications. Qible's flexibility allows you to protect every step of your organization's creativity in your own way.

Our Products

Simple and efficient, protect your creations by uploading your files under your chosen format. Dated. Certified. The proof is available in real time.